About Us


They say that only a surfer knows the feeling, but what is that feeling exactly? It’s one of freedom, one of flying, one of weightlessness while you glide across the water’s surface. A feeling of camaraderie as you paddle out to a line up of familiar faces. One of strength and grounding, using just a board and your body to connect with the ocean. This is what you’ll experience when you learn to surf, and the Surf Station Surf School is here to make that process a whole lot easier.

Voted St. Augustine’s best surf camp year after year, the Surf Station Surf School offers small sessions focused on teaching your child how to shred. There are co-ed camps available for surfers ages seven years and older, as well as several weeks of “microgrom” camps for children ages three to seven. Another unique aspect of our summertime surf camp is that we offer all girl’s lessons, perfect for fostering friendships and confidence among female surfers.